Fencing and Gates for Farms and Fields in Essex need to be properly installed and secure.

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Agricultural Fencing

When looking for agricultural fencing it is important to consider both the cost of the fencing and the strength of the product. Agricultural fencing is used to bound large areas of land and should offer a practical solution for a competitive price. We appreciate that different types of agricultural fencing can be used, depending on terrain, location and animals to be confined, and will help you find the best fencing to suit your agricultural fencing needs.

At Oddy fencing we can offer you a wide range of agricultural fences to suit all your farming needs. We are the preferred supplier to numerous farms and country parks throughout Essex and would be happy to extend our experience and knowledge to help you with your requirements.

Our agricultural fencing offers you a secure barrier to mark boundaries and to help keep your livestock safe and in one place. We also keep in mind the appearance of our fencing and will do our utmost to ensure that our fencing compliments the appearance of your property and smallholding.

We have worked with many farms throughout the Essex area and always work alongside our customers to ensure that we supply and fit your fencing with minimal disruption to the day to day operations of your farm.

We can also supply Stock Fencing, Rylock Fencing, Dog Control Fencing, Floor Fencing, Forestry Fencing and Electric Fencing.

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